• P (unregistered)


  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    So self respecting dog would eat Powerpoint.

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    supermicro shoes for barbie toys

  • Sole Purpose of VIsit (unregistered) in reply to my name is missing

    It's an internal Microsoft message that leaked out into the real world. Usage: "Developers must eat their own dog food." AKA "dog-fooding in M$-Speak.

    Mildly interesting, but not very.

  • Pabz (unregistered)

    It's very easy to boot the operating system on that motherboard.

  • trainbrain27 (unregistered)

    I've had to reboot my computer, but never reshoe it.

  • RLB (unregistered) in reply to Sole Purpose of VIsit

    Well, that and the whole company's two stops beyond barking.

  • Brian Boorman (google) in reply to Sole Purpose of VIsit

    Raymond Chen in his Old New Thing blog gas talked about dog-fooding on several occasions.

    Addendum 2019-08-09 09:49: *has


  • (nodebb)

    I want to know the answer to crossword clue 28. Might be "kinky" .

  • Jim Tonic (unregistered)

    All joking aside, that's one fugly shoe.

  • Bill T (unregistered)

    So, the real WTF for the PowerPoint alert box is that it should be "Open in Bowser"?

  • Tim! (unregistered) in reply to cellocgw

    Probably "spank"

  • Programmer Robot 10C-32 (unregistered)

    61A: a nose 62A: ire 63A: aorta
    64A: tales 25D: ? 26D: ever 27D: cave 28D: spank 29D: kudzu 36D: rids 38D: snips 42D: butte? 44D: de-ice 53D: euro or peso or peseta 54D: ales (or ipas) 55D: aarp 56D: nite 57D: many possible 60D: mom

    Super Quiz: Yes, but only if there are 5 of them.

    Kinda easy, must be a Monday puzzle.

  • (nodebb)

    Second the opinion that the Microsoft one is no big deal. The only WTF I see is not recognizing the meaning of "Dogfood".

  • Just for Laughes (unregistered)

    So humans are so bad, we can't just give them the keys to NASA.

    Instead, we need to abstract the Idealized Human: Eats Reproduces Human Yields Human

    So far so good:

    We all die, yet we know how to live forever if needed, yet we have to force everyone into the grave ... ... ... somehow. Why? Dunno.




  • (nodebb) in reply to Programmer Robot 10C-32

    Kinda easy, must be a Monday puzzle.

    Given that information, can you reconstruct what the grid must look like?

  • random (unregistered) in reply to bvs23bkv33

    It's for a wearable

  • Bostown (unregistered)

    The third one reminds me of a bug in Steam, When you have an item on your wishlist which isn't available anymore it still shows in your wishlist-count. But the item won't show up in your list, thus cannot be removed

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