• Anonymous (disco)

    What time is it again? 14:51 HKT? Frist time ever meet this.

    Also, I reached here from the actual article page, which I reached by clicking on the "newer article link" of the article published on 2014-10-20.

    This is kind of an epic WTF of the site.

  • VinDuv (disco)
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  • JBert (disco) in reply to VinDuv
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  • VinDuv (disco) in reply to JBert
    The other article contained an apostrophe in the title

    At least the article title wasn’t '); DROP TABLE Articles; -- ...

  • JBert (disco) in reply to VinDuv

    On a related note: Discourse actually does handle apostrophes. What a Discoursvery!

  • SimpleSimon (disco)

    This is in reference to the actual article...

    I'm interested to know what GetOverallQuality() involves. Summarising overall quality with a boolean return value would imply poor quality!

    Also I'm not sure why you would ever need to bother manually logging this error and redirecting. If error logging and handling was correctly configured (which I'm guessing isn't), throwing one would be enough.

  • Zylon (disco)

    They should have used a PC instead of Mac.

  • chubertdev (disco)

    Even if your enum represents an int, never use an instance of an int, always cast it.

    Although, that's not the biggest issue here.

  • Sutherlands (disco)

    In C#, you can indeed have two enums equal to the same value.

  • CoyneTheDup (disco)
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  • JBert (disco) in reply to CoyneTheDup
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  • CoyneTheDup (disco) in reply to JBert

    Sadly, your choice is ugly: Spend hundreds of hours to rewrite and correct the stupid design...or build stupid workaround for stupid design in two hours. Sadly, the winners are the people who do the latter, since they are more productive.

    ...and bosses love productivity. (Boss: "Why can't you be more productive, like George here? Here, George, have another banana.")

    It's not that bosses hate doing things the right way. They'll tell you every day that everything should be done the right way. But the rewards all go to George...and he will become your system architect.

    There's a reason why slapdash programmers and horrible designs don't get weeded out...but are instead perpetuated.

  • another_sam (disco) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    You get a sad like. :( WTF Where's the sad face?

  • FrostCat (disco) in reply to another_sam
    Where's the sad face?

    The "good emoji" thread is :cyclone: :repeat_one: :arrow_double_down: that way.

    Specifically, it's not on thedailywtf.com.

  • aliceif (disco) in reply to another_sam


  • HardwareGeek (disco) in reply to another_sam
    Where's the sad face?

    Look in the mirror. It's part of everyone forced to use Discourse.

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