• Vietcongster (unregistered)

    No comments here? Am I frist for the frist time?

    ... Though I suspect the comments might have been deleted. So, am I lonely for this lonely moment?

  • Arcanestomper (unregistered) in reply to Vietcongster

    I have nothing to say about the article. Except that I would not want to work for a company that tried that hard to come up with questions to stump their potential employees.

    But at least your comment won't be lonely anymore.

  • Doctor (unregistered)

    Jim wasted his degree. As an English major, he totally should have answered:

    "Don't be amused by my English major. It gives me a foundation for communicating, which is important in any field. I have the sense to sound professional with customers, to code with clear and concise comments and to chill out with the dude across the desk. Now, while academy gave me the foundation, the building is industry experience, and I am an accomplished software engineer."

    If he had a Philosophy degree too, he could have squashed the crazy question:

    "Crispin is bringing up two dichotomies: two pairs of distinct concepts within specific categories. They are different flavors of dichotomies though: differentiation and integration are opposite processes, while white and black box testing are the same process with different restrictions."

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