• Jan (unregistered)

    Most likely, their code is not compatible with 1.9.1, so that load it frist and then the older version that actually works.

  • my name (unregistered)

    https://youmightnotneedjquery.com/ seriously, no one should nowadays use jquery

  • Robin (unregistered) in reply to my name

    Indeed, but this is jQuery v1.9, which is surely ancient history (I justlookedituptobesure, it's 2013) - seems like this code has barely been touched in 10+ years

  • Andy F (unregistered) in reply to my name

    That’s kind of irrelevant, given they’re using jQuery 1.9, which was released over 10 years ago – this is almost certainly a legacy project.

    Sure, for new projects you shouldn’t use it, but removing it from an existing project is far more effort than it’s worth.

  • my name (unregistered) in reply to Andy F

    if this is still used somewhere in production even more so

  • Flips (unregistered) in reply to my name

    Let me know when you found out about youmightnotneedjs.com :P

  • (nodebb)

    Material Angular by default references online fonts. I have to keep in mind my customer runs our apps in internet-disconnected environments... which i don't develop in so I don't notice... would be embarrassing if I forget to make local copies of the font files! It'll happen one of these days.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Flips

    Let me know when youmightnotneednodejs.com exists.

  • registered (unregistered)

    The real WTF (using noscript) https://i.imgur.com/yMNeTqy_d.webp

  • Milo (unregistered) in reply to CodeJunkie


    I use a more refined version of this idea based on CSZ, HTM, and PReact for a lot of my projects. Haven't touched node in over a year.

  • (nodebb)

    There is a little catch: a missing / at the start of the URL to jquery. So it will likely fail when you are not at the home page, but somewhere deeper. And in that case, you need the google version.

  • Duke of New York (unregistered)

    This code is a testament to someone's wish for a migration opportunity that never came.

    That which is not dead can $.Deferred lie, and with strange eons even .die() may die.

  • (nodebb)

    I've been using Hotwire and importmaps in my Rails apps. No nodeJS required.

    I have to say I'm still partial to the fluent interface in jQuery. I'm not going to go out of my way to include it, but if I'm working on a project that happens to already use it, it makes me just a bit happier.

  • (nodebb)

    Wasn't someone recently sued on GDPR grounds for doing this? Plaintiff alleged that this gave their IP address (and referrer) to the host (e.g. Google) who could use it for all kind of stuff GDPR forbids...

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