• Japes (unregistered)

    I've only come here to read the comments this will get. Erik's absurd little fantasy is getting more and more ridiculous.

  • Ron Fox (google)

    "Ellis and I are basically running things until John gets better."

    This is the frist wtf

  • phbhater (unregistered)

    reminds me of primary colors

  • TheCPUWizard (unregistered)

    non-Alzheimer’s dementia, is not something to joke about. Even when people try to cover and bad things happen, there is zero humor.

  • Tried to login but got "Illegal arguments: string, object" (unregistered) in reply to Japes

    Same. The articles were getting longer, more rambly, less interesting and entirely more and more like Hanzo. Overall, more and more words are being used to describe a less and less interesting setup.

    I read the last two, but I simply can't be bothered with more of this.

  • Skelator (unregistered)

    Interesting and amusing. This mercenary is sounding more and more like a super hero! (the one they didn't deserve)

  • Angela Anuszewski (google)

    I haven't bothered to read it. And in fact, the "penultimate" comment just made me think, "ugh, there's going to be another one after this?"

  • LH (unregistered)

    Gee, this is fiction, folks, and humor can be about tragic things.

    I for one I'm loving this series. I do have a strong suspicion it is loosely based on actual events, thought, and that makes even more interesting.

  • lordofduct (unregistered)

    Quit your whining you dolts!

    Some of us enjoy a diverse selection of writing. Sometimes a nice punchlined joke, another a list of hilarious wtf images, and sometimes a well thought out narrative. It's not like this is a daily thing, every other day of the week you're getting other material! It's not like I enjoy every format that is released here, but hey, I take what I like and dislike for what it is... my taste. I don't come on here whining that they need to stop releasing a specific series because I don't like it.

  • Gunner (unregistered) in reply to lordofduct

    lodofduct: Don't read the comment section if the posts bother you. Just like we don't read Erik's stories and go straight to the comments.

  • Roundz (unregistered)

    I am enjoying this a great deal - yes, I am sure that it is being fictionalized a lot, but really don't doubt that it is rooted in truth. And, having had to deal with a client that began to experience dementia, I really identify with Mercy - the situation was weird & frustrating, then just sad at the end.

  • operagost (unregistered)

    Helping to elect someone with dementia is TRWTF.

  • GWO (unregistered)

    Cheerfully recycling plotlines from "The West Wing", I see.

  • (nodebb) in reply to operagost

    I think I've seen this in real life.

  • JRandomPMP (unregistered)

    To be honest, I hadn't considered dementia, but I still contend that Rookwood and Ellis are getting it on.

  • Dave (unregistered) in reply to Ron Fox

    Ron Fox:


  • Valhar2000 (unregistered) in reply to Gunner

    Of course you read Erik's stories, every bit as religiously as you read the Hanzo saga! Not because you like them; your dislike of them is sincere. You read them because you like to complain. You are one of those people who are happiest when they are unhappy.

  • Foobar (unregistered)

    Another horrible article. Please stop

  • lordofduct (unregistered) in reply to Gunner

    quote: Don't read the comment section if the posts bother you. Just like we don't read Erik's stories and go straight to the comments. /endquote

    I have two issues to this.

    1. there may be other discussion in the comments I may want to partake in

    2. if the only opinions voiced to the author/editors of the site that are "I hate this" from people like I was retorting to, then they may stop posting content like this. So by voicing my opinion against said neysayers, I'm supporting this sort of content.

  • Lurker (unregistered) in reply to lordofduct

    Pot calls kettle black.

  • Steven (unregistered)

    Wow, a Governor with dementia would be a real upgrade. At least they wouldn't be able to do actual damage to Florida since they wouldn't be aware what was going on. Committing insurance fraud requires a certain level of awareness...

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to operagost

    Oh, you mean like Ronnie "where's the rest of me?" Reagan?

  • Florida Native (unregistered)

    I'm sure this is about Alan Grayson.

  • lordofduct (unregistered) in reply to Lurker

    My initial post may be pot&kettle, but the one you're responding to is hardly pot&kettle.

    And who cares if the original comment was pot&kettle. It still stands for the very reason outline in the one you're responding to. If people are going to boo it, I'm going to praise it and be critical of those booing it, so as to support more content in the format in question.

  • Lurker (unregistered) in reply to lordofduct

    Yes it is.

    Also, the reason why I care is because it kind of makes you look like a jackass: "The majority of commenters who care about the article are complaining and saying things I don't agree with! I'm going to complain about that!"

    You also failed to address why people seem to hate the Mercy series.

  • (nodebb)

    I'm half expecting Mercy to get admitted herself by the time this is all over.

    Or perhaps she already is, and her little fantasy world is trying to get her to realize it?/

  • Tiamat (unregistered)

    I, for one, enjoy these.

    They're decently amusing and a change of pace. I'm waiting to see how it ends up.

  • Scott Christian Simmons (unregistered)

    It ends up with Jeb Rookwood getting elected, of course.

    (Come on, someone was going to go there!)

  • Olivier (unregistered)

    I enjoy the story too.

  • Xbar (unregistered)

    I don't understand all the hate this is getting. It's really nice to have a change of pace every now and then. I also enjoyed the voice acted WTFs.

  • SysKoll (unregistered) in reply to Foobar

    It's not horrible. It's a warning. This might happen to you. Personally. So think about it as a rehearsal.

  • Qazwsx (unregistered) in reply to lordofduct

    if the only opinions voiced to the author/editors of the site that are "I hate this" from people like I was retorting to, then they may stop posting content like this.

    Yeah, just like what happened to that horrible Hanzo series that nobody liked. I wonder what happened the the hack who wrote that?

  • Gunner (unregistered) in reply to lordofduct

    You must be new here. Before Mercy there was Hanzo and, ugh, Mandatory Fun Day. So, no, it doesn't matter how much we state our dissatisfaction.

  • Al (unregistered)

    Has anyone considered that, perhaps, these sagas are being published specifically to troll the haters? Because reading all the ridiculously entitled whining is almost as entertaining as a good WTF.

    How about you write a Mercy / Hanzo crossover adventure? The belly-aching and outrage will reach biblical proportions!

  • Someone (unregistered)

    Is this about Donald Trump ?

  • (nodebb)

    As I recall, when I launched my app (shameless plug: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coders-stone/id1025387750?mt=8) I didn't get any email telling me how long it would take to get reviewed. I relied on things like http://appreviewtimes.com/

  • Brian (unregistered) in reply to Angela Anuszewski

    Angela, and I bet you were making your comment while "compiling" code, sitting in a dark locked room, with a computer mouse hanging from the ceiling like a noose, arguing about religion with a bearded guy, turning down invitations to a barbeque, all the while hoping your cubicle didn't get trashed when you went on your next vacation - a vacation with your mom!

  • Matt Westwood (unregistered)

    Anybody read Interface by Neal Stephenson? Erik Gern has.

  • (nodebb)

    Enough with the hate, people. Yes, Gern stories are different from typical WTFs, but how many times can we read the "Ensign Crusher saves the Enterprise, then gets flushed out the torpedo tubes because he didn't follow orders" meme. Seriously.

    This series also feels truer to the original. Here, we have another Ensign Crusher character, doing dangerous stunts without a net, yet somehow accomplishing things which (s)he didn't really believe were possible.

    The WTFs may be more related to politics than technology, but it is set in a nation where miscreants with Narcissism and/or full-scale Dementia can not only participate, but actually sew up nominations for major parties.

    P.S. Looks like we hated Discourse so much that we sawed off our arm to spite our elbow. I can log in, but pretty much nothing else. Can NodeBB really be worse than this?

  • Foobar (unregistered) in reply to SysKoll

    No lol. I live in redmond have worked at some of the biggest software companies in the world and have a gaggle of patents to my name. As you view this page code I wrote is running on your machine. I would never be in Mercy's shoes.

    The article and the entire series if horrible. Not funny, not good, horrible.

  • Jason23 (unregistered)

    I enjoy these articles. My two cents. I also find the "my dick is bigger than yours" one-ups-man ship of the comments funny, and sadly par for the course in our industry.

  • MSumi (unregistered) in reply to TheCPUWizard

    I thought it was HiLarious, but I can't remember why.

  • Syntaxerror (unregistered)

    I really like the Mercy-series. It's written in an enjoyable style and the cast is relatable.

  • AAA (unregistered)

    5/10 meh. Not bad, not good. Medicore.

  • Anonymous (unregistered)

    It was an effing webpage. You tell people to visit it on their mobile device and add a bookmark to their home page. Now it's an "app". Done.

    There, see, it's The Daily WTF as an "app":


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