• Colin (unregistered)

    Lol, guessing the OP wasnt about in the 70's, mini-computers as described most certainly weren't outdated by then, and she would probably be surprised how long some organisations held onto their mini-computer based systems, due to the difficulties in replacing large intergrated systems running critical software. My first employer didnt get rid of our PRIME mini until the mid 90's.

  • tlhonmey (unregistered)

    Reminds me of an incident from the early 90s teaching a nice old lady secretary how to use this new-fangled PC thingy for her word processing. System had a 5.25" floppy drive. Showed her how to put a brand new floppy from the box into the second drive, format it, and then copy her backups to it. Mentioned that she could just "format them all at once" when she had some spare time to save herself some hassle...

    Sure enough, a couple of days later she calls up complaining that she tried to do them all at once, but only three would fit in the drive, and now they wouldn't come back out...

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