• Roby McAndrew (unregistered)

    If the Stool Softener doesn't work for you, you can always send it back....

  • Naomi (unregistered)

    I'm not sure I get the stool softener.

  • dogfoot (unregistered) in reply to Naomi

    Acetaminophen, brand name Tylenol, is a common pain reliever, not a stool softener.

  • WTFGuy (unregistered)

    The product description says it's acetaminophen, a headache remedy. That's Paracetamol for the Brits, et al in the crowd. The picture and the search terms say it's the stool softener ducosate sodium.

    An interesting experiment would be to order it and see what you get: acetaminophen or ducosate? My bet is acetaminophen.

    The idea an OTC medication is returnable is further confusing to me. At least int eh US they can't resell it whether opened or still sealed up.

  • (nodebb)

    2.4e6 mi / 5 yr = 480k mi/yr = 1315 mi/day = 65 mph (20 hours per day, with 4 hours refueling/gas/etc per day). Not thoroughly impossible.

  • Prime Mover (unregistered)

    Tried to implement some fnality on Edge as part of the last project I had the benighted misfortune to work on in the last company I worked at. We had to make sure everything worked in all (major) browsers and for all phones. Usual problem where we had to implement workrounds all over the place so as to cope with the orneriness of IOS, which was par for the course, but we found that with Edge it was impossible to get our code to work because basically Microsoft had not produced a good enough product. So we had to issue a disclaimer: this product will not work on Microsoft Edge.

  • Prime Mover (unregistered) in reply to WTFGuy

    "Doctor, I took all those pills you gave me, whatever it was you called them, suppositories, whatever - and for all the good they did me I might as well just have rammed them up my ar*e."

  • (nodebb) in reply to WTFGuy

    The idea an OTC medication is returnable is further confusing to me.

    I used to work at a pharmaceutical distributor. We not only allowed returns, we paid the return shipping. Everything that was returned to us was destroyed (we had a special vendor for that, it's a bad idea to throw drugs in the trash). One time a customer got really pissed at us. So, they signed up for a UPS return label.... and used it to ship us a canoe (containing one of our products).

  • Colin (unregistered)

    Apparently that car has been travelling at about 55mph non-stop since it was built (5 years ago). Quite some luck with hitting the green lights.

  • (nodebb)

    If you bought the car in 2015, and drove it continuously since then at around 50-60 mph, stopping only for meals and refuelling (you'd need a partner; no time for sleeping), you could have gotten it up to about that mileage by now.

  • (nodebb)

    If you bought the car in 2015, and drove it continuously since then at around 50-60 mph with breaks only for meals and refuelling (definitely not sleeping, so you'd need a partner), you could have gotten it up to around that mileage by now.

    I'm not sure why you'd do this. Perhaps you're employed by a very busy 24-hour courier service?

    Addendum 2020-07-21 22:54: Sorry about the duplication. I didn't get any indication that it had submitted the first time, though I guess I should have checked.

  • (nodebb)

    Spookily, I independently tried to access downforeveryoneorjustme.com later on the day that this was posted; it was down at the time. (But this time I think it was due to some general CloudFlare issue, since other sites such as Discord were also affected.)

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