• Frist (unregistered)

    You may rarely see "frist" appear. "Frist" is a terrible joke. If this happens, refer to the next comment for something more interresting.

  • Secodn (unregistered)

    Unfortunately, the next comment is even less interesting than the frist one.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered)

    Basically par for course for BIOS updates. You're better off getting the standalone bootable disc image, because the regular exe probably only works on the dev's PC... if that. Just save yourself the pain and burn a disc.

  • David-T (unregistered)

    I don't get the first wtf... Doesn't $0 fraud liability just mean you're not liable for any fraudulent usage, as opposed to being liable for the first $50 (say)?

  • Shahim (unregistered)

    Why does Nan Appear as Nan.00 instead of just Nan? Hidden WTF?

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered) in reply to Shahim

    Perhaps they're trying to re-implement fixed decimal point formatting, badly. I suppose it's a refreshing change after all the re-implementations of time functions that we see around here.

    "Those who do not learn printf are doomed to repeat it."

  • derp (unregistered)

    I know it's not really a thing... But the "refresh the page for another problem" made me lol.

  • (nodebb)

    Damn, these spam bots are getting good.

  • pbrown (unregistered)

    "$0 Fraud Liability" is not a WTF. It means you're liable for $0 of the fraud, not that they cover you for up to $0 of fraud.

  • Brian (unregistered)

    Oh, spambots, you never fail to amuse, although I think your thesaurus engine needs an update. Somehow "burn a disc" equates to "consume a plate"?

    Mmm... plates...

  • (nodebb) in reply to Shahim
    Why does Nan Appear as Nan.00 instead of just Nan? Hidden WTF?

    I dunno... Seems to me the WTF is clearly visible.

  • welp (unregistered) in reply to Brian

    I thought that was on purpose until I saw the link. I read it much in the same vein as "Simply spare yourself the torment and shove a cactus directly into your eye."

  • EvilSnack (unregistered)

    ORC International? Looks like Sauron's armies have hooked up with some savvy image consultants.

  • Obvious Guy is Obvious (unregistered) in reply to Medinoc

    Re: "Damn, these spam bots are getting good." - Yeah, I saw this coming when everyone started using ReCapthca to thwart bots half a decade ago. I mean, ReCaptcha was just teaching computers to read text better so wouldn't that information be collected just lead to better reading bots being created in the future? Now I had to click through two sets of pictures of signs to post this message. wonder how the bot got past that?

  • JustHere (unregistered)

    The message box states "only supports ASUS notebook". Clearly an 'ASUS laptop' != 'ASUS notebook'.

  • Paul Neumann (unregistered)

    @Brad W. (also @Mark Boytz for clearly not picking up on this either): I can understand your misgivings. Please, allow me to offer you a card with $1,000,000 fraud liability. I hope you'll feel much more financially secure knowing that your fraud liability has been raised to a more reasonable level.

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered) in reply to Obvious Guy is Obvious

    Probably the same way I did (I may or may not be a bot, won't tell you). There's a very small set of pictures that repeat again and again, I think much less than the lorem ipsum words used on this site many years ago. You learn quickly which one Google wants, it seems really easy to automate. But I guess they'll happily tell you they've caught more than NaN.00 bots this way.

    About the 3 spinners, what annoys me most is that they're not even concentric! Can't stand looking at them, aaargh ...

  • RichP (unregistered)

    %1!u!st post

  • emurphy (unregistered) in reply to Brian


  • emurphy (unregistered) in reply to Foo AKA Fooo

    Then there's the old social engineering method:

    • Put up your own site offering porn/iPads/whatever
    • Ask for verification (scraped from the other site)
    • Whatever your user does, relay it to the other site
    • If the other site lets you proceed, then you let your user proceed

    Dunno how difficult this is to pull off with modern anti-spam systems, and also with $BIGNUM other sites also offering porn/iPads/whatever.

  • (nodebb)

    Well, obviously Orc International is in a high-risk business, what with Sauron sending them out to get killed by the Good Guys and all.

  • Mork from Ork (unregistered)

    Nan.00 Nan.00!

  • byteflush (unregistered)

    I've seen that Asus message dozens of times. They probably should have phrased it better, "You need to install the ATK driver before using this utility" or something like that.

  • David A. (unregistered) in reply to foxyshadis

    I ended up doing it the old-fashioned way. I just thought using the Windows utility would be a bit quicker. Sigh.

  • Jonathan Seeley (google)

    Found the link for the last one at http://zonalandeducation.com/mstm/physics/mechanics/momentum/introductoryProblems/multiMomentum13.html ...

    randomSeed(tempDate.getTime() / tempDate.getSeconds())

    Let's all divide by zero!

  • Mr Lister (google)

    Am I the only one wondering why answer A is different from answers B through E?

  • Lum Beryard (unregistered) in reply to Mr Lister

    Wouldn't be much of a challenge if all of the answers were the same.

  • (Kris) (unregistered)

    To test for NaN:

    if ( x != x ) { // X is a NaN }

    From the IEEE specification: NaN will evaluate as not equal to any other value, including NaN itself.

  • Jamie (unregistered)

    FYI the grammar error in my caption was added by the editors. The original text I submitted was: "We had to complete some randomly generated online questions for my physics course, but they were a little... undefined. Interesting that they couldn't be bothered to fix the actual bug, but cared enough to put up that warning."

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