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    Didn't we have one for nccservice.net a few weeks ago?

    Addendum 2023-08-04 06:58: Here: https://thedailywtf.com/articles/time-keeps-on-slipping

    On 14 July, so three weeks ago.

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  • Michael R (unregistered)

    I once read that the scammers deliberately make some mistakes in their messages/emails/FAX so they weed out the smart people of responding. Otherwise the scammers would face a human DDOS attack of replies which they could not handle. Is this true, false or file_not_found?

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    It's not just the same page, but the exact same screenshot, just cropped.

  • Vault_Dweller (unregistered)

    Do you guys even read the comments above the pictures? The Error'd is the fact that submitter from 3 weeks ago attempted to redact the company name everywhere, but forgot about the URL.

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    ...The submission is calling out thedailywtf for having redacted the tab title but not the address bar.

  • Mark (unregistered) in reply to Michael R

    They try to put as many mistakes and make it as obvious as possible that it is a scam. The reason is they don't want people that will figure out part way through that it is a scam. If they get halfway through the manual work with getting nothing when the person finally realizes, that is time/money wasted. If they put as many red flags as possible in there and you don't catch any of them, you are not likely to ever realize it is a scam. The errors and obvious red flags are not about keeping a flood of people from contacting them, but about filtering to only the most likely to be able to steal from.

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    Date | Fear

    No, not ominous at all.

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    I feel like anyone responding to a Nigerian scam in 2023 is either poking the scammer to waste their time, or really really clueless about it. At that point, it's got to be binary.

    I thought the scammers had moved on and...

    Oh crap sorry got to reply to that urgent sms from Amazon, otherwise they will charge me for that expensive Mac book pro I did not order.

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    Ah, but this York is the best one, the one that gave us Peppermint Patties! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York_Peppermint_Pattie

  • Denilson (unregistered)

    The other WTF in that nccservice website is the background image. It's a True Color 800x600 bitmap image of size 1.44 megabytes, barely fitting in a 3½" floppy disk. It contains 491 shades of white. It could have been encoded as a GIF (reducing to a palette of 256 colors, no noticeable difference) for just 147KB, 10% of the original size. Or encoded as a JPG file (98% quality jpeg is already smaller than that, and 88% quality is just 30KB). Or just replaced by a plain background color, as most people wouldn't notice or care about the near-invisible texture.

    I clearly noticed it was a BMP because of the progressive loading from the bottom to the top (most other formats load from top to bottom).

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    It occurred to me after the submission that I might have been maligning the Daily WTF because it could have been the original submitter who did the redaction.

    I also should have cropped it less tightly and left some of this website's real estate round the edges to make it obvious that I was submitting the submission not the original web page.

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