• akozakie (unregistered)

    Appropriate enough to be by design! Test Maru = Kobayashi Maru = whatever you choose, you lose. Consider this a test of character - or cheat (hack) and win anyway.

  • Darren (unregistered)

    Being one of the millions of readers who don't use the Waze app, can someone point out where the 400mph bit has come from? I can only see an indication that they're travelling at 65mph and the speed limit is 70mph.

  • (nodebb)

    Getting 65mph on the M1 seems unlikely too.

  • HO (unregistered)

    Map upper left: Is that butchers pet care?

  • Airdrik (unregistered) in reply to Darren

    Looks like the 400 MPH is derived from the numbers on the bottom saying it'll take 22 minutes to travel 159 miles.

  • Erk (unregistered) in reply to dkf

    According to Apple M1 is faster...

  • A Coward (unregistered)

    full bars from vodafone - you've found the one place in the country that does have it

    On the speed, look at the miles to go and the time left.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Airdrik

    Maybe they confused miles per hour with furlongs per fortnight?

  • (nodebb)

    It's not Waze's fault if you don't go through the teleporter entrance when you turn off onto the A4500, like it's expecting you to.

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