• Bob (unregistered)

    "It's all fun and games until" And don't miss the mains power socket located right where water is going to splash.

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and then 2014 - that gives us chances that windows 9 will be released sometime after windows 12

  • Drak (unregistered)

    'Outlook' is what the program was called ages ago. Then it became part of Microsoft Office, so now it's proper name if 'Microsoft Office Outlook', which is not plain 'Outlook'

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    ORLY? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE is my path. I don't give a rat's ass what the linkfile names are in the Start or other menus.

  • TheCPUWizard (unregistered)

    One should not be "Drinking on the job" <rofl>

  • Zslatkei (unregistered) in reply to Carl Witthoft

    ORLY? The code doesn't give rat's ass what is your path. 00063001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046 is not 0006300E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046, that's why. Whatever you English humen think is DisplayNames of that.

  • Pista (unregistered) in reply to Drak

    It is always comforting to know that MS doesn't care about backward compatibility :)

  • Microsoft Support (unregistered)

    Doesn't everyone know that you can't use a "Windows 10 Pro digital" license to activate your "Windows 10 Pro analogue" operating system?

  • doubting_poster (unregistered) in reply to Microsoft Support

    But.. but... the license sticker tore off from my windows 10 install vinyls!

  • Ulysses (unregistered) in reply to Drak

    Which spells MOO. For Gavin to win this challenge, he must fight like a dairy farmer.

  • As a Guest (unregistered) in reply to Ulysses

    How appropriate. You fight like a cow. (Mandatory Monkey Island comment)

  • (nodebb)

    I've received a complaint of similar error on a system with May’s.

    That’s because she’s still negotiating over the best deal.

  • Ulysses (unregistered) in reply to As a Guest

    Lol, quicker than I expected.

  • DartRat (unregistered) in reply to Drak

    One of my favorite Microsoft games to play is "Guess where the shortcuts are" every time you install a new version of Office.

  • FormalWare (unregistered)

    (0.00 undefined)st!

  • me (unregistered) in reply to Bob

    GFCI is a thing

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