• DeeKay (unregistered)

    I wonder if he flew in frist class

  • (nodebb)

    Isn't the WTF in the first one the small point that from Dulles to Chicago is a two-hour flight?

    Various distance calculators show it as 577 miles / 929 km, and covering that distance in only fifteen minutes would require an average speed above 2300 mph (Mach 3.5 at altitude). Perhaps they would need the Dark Star from Top Gun: Maverick...

  • AmpersandMan (unregistered)

    I'll show you pendantry. Grammar had nothing to do with this. "How did we do" and giving a scale from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree" is not a grammar error. It's just a WTF.

    "Pedantic Dave L. quibbles with grammar. "Yes, Adobe, I strongly agree: you definitely did do!" Error'd is certainly the place for pedantry; we won't shun anyone for that."

  • dpm (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    The required velocity is much greater than you calculated; you need to consider the latency. At least five minutes each to "take off/reach cruising altitude" and "descend/land" safely --- neither of which consume any significant flight distance --- leaves the plane only five minutes to actually travel that 577 miles, resulting in a speed of 6924 mph. What acceleration & deceleration will that require? Buckle up!

  • Bill T (unregistered)

    Not a WTF, but an annoyance - in the Malta wage data, comparing Euros/year to USD/month takes a little mental gymnastics. When I first glanced at it, I thought the 11 Euros per USD was the issue...

  • (nodebb) in reply to dpm

    The required velocity is much greater than you calculated

    I cited an average (mean) speed, taking into account the need to gain and lose speed, across the whole 15 minutes. Indeed, that was the reason for the reference to TGM's "Darkstar", capable of Mach 10+, which corresponds well at altitude with 6924 mph.

  • (nodebb)

    Looking forward to Bennett's secnod professional debut in the NFL....

    .... hey, wait a minute.

  • Argle (unregistered)

    I'm in a state of confusion. I feel like there's a story here worthy of a "Not Always..." post. Leave Dulles at 10:00AM, arrive at Midway at 10:15AM. Time in Dulles: 11:15AM. That's travel at Mach 0.6, 460MPH, 400KTA. Perfectly reasonable. It may not be reasonable to calculate in-air time by comparing the wall clocks at the departure and destination, but I've seen that done a LOT. The other WTF is just how many people are totally unaware of time zones at all.

  • Worf (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    One should also remember the Darkstar exploded once it exceeded Mach 10... So that flight might be more exciting than one wants.

  • Erwin (unregistered) in reply to AmpersandMan

    And here I thought the problem was with question 13.

  • Erwin (unregistered) in reply to Erwin

    Never mind, that is a different entry...

  • (nodebb) in reply to Argle

    I asked Google. It's a two-hour flight.

  • (nodebb)

    Did daylight savings end / start mid-flight?

  • Argle (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    I was using the numbers in the example. I didn't independently check with Google maps.

  • bapestas shoes (unregistered)
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