• PracticalDev (unregistered)

    On a trip to Philadelphia, PA from Germany, in 2011, I noticed as we were leaving the airport parking area that there was a woman (i.e. an actual person) physically inspecting the parking ticket and lifting the bar for us to go through. I noted to my sister back then that I haven't seen this anywhere in central Europe, all parking spaces have automated parking ticket machines. And then we realized that it appears that this is done in the USA to get people with no/low education employed. So, your government prefers to give shitty jobs to these people, instead of providing them with some decent education to find better jobs.

    No wonder they'd hire a guy like this in the basement.

  • Neuromacer (unregistered) in reply to Peter Bouillon

    Retyping cc data is a big no no for the banks they could lose there merchant status for that

  • dime (unregistered) in reply to Paul

    Probably only the salary (not benefits) is taken out of his budget, which means the guy could be making as much as $11.62/hour. Not a terrible wage for pure data entry.

  • Nevyn Hira (unregistered)

    This happens in Auckland, NZ! You try to top up your AT (Auckland Transport) card online and you're told it can take up to 72 hours. You really have no idea WHEN the top up has actually happened as the status on the website is ambiguous at best.

    Meanwhile, if you go to a kiosk (they're only on the train stations), they can do it instantaneously.

  • "Rachel" (unregistered) in reply to QBall

    Typical Republican "logic"

    Actually, the previous mayor was a democrat.

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