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    I see WD are avoiding the 'Superman III' hack

  • Andrew Miller (google)

    It's a hash (U+0023). The programming language is pronounced "Cee-Hash". A sharp is (U+266F), which is a different character. Nor is it a pound sign £ (U+00A3).

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    its like 200 Gb hdd contains just 186 Gb, 300 Gb hdd contains just 279 Gb, so $134.92375 in WD costs somewhat less (or more)

  • SignalStealer (unregistered)

    It's not hash, it's not sharp, it's not pound, it is the octothorpe!

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered)

    #1: Well, how could you possible describe such a complicated regex in words? #3: It's a trick! Since they'll be unable to charge fractional cents, they'll collect the whole dollars and cents and void the warranty anyway. #4: The security is much too global to bother about such local stuff like Mark being there. #5: Since they say "ask again", this means they're asking you something, and the only question mark is after "My Publications", so clearly that's what you've agreed to, and everything's fine. Of course, that's absolutely not what they mean, but in the end, it all works out. #6: Maybe they support delivery via Twitter now. Just try it, don't be afraid of the future.

    PS: Fuck you, reCAPTCHA! Tried to post 2 hours ago, but it kept asking again and again, apparently thinking I'm a robot, while the real spammers apparently have no problem getting through. (This time it took only 3 attempts.) Please get rid of that shit!

  • powerlord (nodebb)

    "must match the regular expression"

    As far as I recall, that's standard text from the ASP.NET WebForms RegularExpressionValidator: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.ui.webcontrols.regularexpressionvalidator.aspx

    Which is why you should customize its ErrorMessage property.

  • JustSomeDudette (unregistered)

    I've never heard of # refered to as a pig pen before but I will use that term from now on.

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    Yeah, just about.

  • Primary Key (unregistered)

    Come on guys, the frist thing is old. And you can't even spell it right. It is 'first', guys, 'first'. Perhaps you mean 'frisk' but that sound weird also, or 'fristi' which is a children's drink. So perhaps you are thirsty, perhaps you are locked up without any drinks in a loony bin or something. Desperately trying to get out, dying of thirst and you need a fristi. Or are you in the arctic, meaning frost and is you keyboard frozen. Are you poor b*stards lost somewhere in the everlasting snow and expect to die there?

    Wow, the stories that I imagine. It couldn't be some loser who tries to be first in a comment section on some website, right. RIGHT?


  • Guest (unregistered)

    Or a hash...?

  • siciac (unregistered) in reply to Primary Key

    Come on guys, the frist thing is old.

    I'll bet you were that kid in school who was trying to convince everyone to walk through hallways on the right-hand side.

  • Anonymous (unregistered) in reply to siciac

    Well, that's trivial. First you build a wall (trump joke not intended) in the middle of each hallway. Then you just need to enforce a direction on each of the sub-hallways. A sufficiently bright spotlight should do the trick.

  • freemason (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous

    Overengineered solutions to problems we don't have.

  • ForestPhoenix (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous

    And then, when someone needs to cross the hallway to enter a room, you build a small tunnel? Or rather a bridge?

  • ForestPhoenix (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous

    And then, when someone needs to cross the hallway to enter a room, you build a small tunnel? Or would you rather build a bridge?

  • Hannes (unregistered)

    Your fristication ?

    []Do not ask me again -> I agree!

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  • Pedant (unregistered) in reply to Andrew Miller

    Actually, it is C-sharp, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_Sharp_(programming_language)

    It's often rendered C# for people who don't want to copy paste ♯ every time, but it is still "C sharp".

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