• Carrandas (unregistered)

    Trying to measure the mass of the earth is a fun thing to do.

    Radius of the earth is about 40.000 km. That would mean the radius is about 40.000 /23.1415 or 6366 km. I'll admit it, I had to look up the volume of a sphere, it should be 43.1415/3 * (6.366.000)^3. And if we take about 1 liter = 1 kg that's 1080626724089712000000000 kg.

    Estimate: 1080626724089712000000000 kg Wiki: 5972000000000000000000000 kg

    Good enough but I seriously under estimated the density of the earth.

  • Simon (unregistered)

    Sounds exactly like by 14 interviews at Google back in 2005, over two days. I am (was) a network engineer, after each coding question or how to estimate the Earths mass etc. I'd say so. It was an utter waste of everybody's time and then 3 1/2 months later they offered me a job in a different city (relocation hadn't been discussed) doing something I didn't want to do, and I'd already started a new job at 30K pa greater salary (OK so the stock would have made up for it...) I've been on the other side of the table plenty too, and mostly made good hires, but a handful of bad ones. Nothing beats 90 days trial, as long as you're actually up for saying goodbye in that time if you need to.

  • Gabe Lewis (unregistered)

    I'm just picturing it playing out like this: https://youtu.be/f7sYaxkSfJI

  • Dr. λ the Creator of Variables, Binder of Variables, Applicator of Terms and β-Converter of Redexes (unregistered)

    Gravity does not exist and the Earth is flat. But of course she does not know that.

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