• ray10k (unregistered)

    Sweet and simple little WTF today. Nice as it is, I hope tomorrow's will have a little more meat to it than "piece of legacy 'software' gets retired, finally."

  • Ilya (github)

    So, you censured the email in the emails themselves, but failed to censor it in the bugged part of escaped html?

    It quite clearly spells

    "'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'" <'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'>

  • Ilya (github) in reply to Ilya

    oh wow, and these comments don't escape the pasted html tags :o

  • Unicorn (unregistered)

    Hey Remy, you forgot to add cornify.

  • Quite (unregistered)

    TRWTF is of course inconsistent spelling between Griffin / Griffon, and misspelling Grainger, at least. Is that what triggered the spam filter?

  • rat revived (unregistered)

    Oh great now youre posting people's personal email addresses. Man , this website has really gone down hill.

  • SG (unregistered)

    Buy a system to replace another system, but not dropping/deleting the other system?

  • nothing to see here (unregistered) in reply to rat revived

    Judging from the actual domains, users, and addresses listed, the list has been sanitized. Nobody's making you read the site, you know. You COULD just go away.

  • Chronomium (unregistered) in reply to SG

    Sounds like they did drop/delete the old system, except for this one guy in a reasonably high/important position who refused and cried up a stink until they gave him a "fine whatever".

  • Dave (unregistered)

    TRWTF is that they didn't just change the VBA to put the addresses in the BCC field and leave it at that.

    Just because it offends you doesn't mean it makes sense to spend money - and all the time involved in 'a great deal of discussion and management escalation' costs money - fixing something that's not broken.

  • kitihounel (unregistered)

    If you scroll the page quickly while looking at the text, you will notice some nice patterns...

  • cjgkJRG)(DFb8rjtiojd09 DVnoqefu (unregistered)


  • Nope, wrong (unregistered) in reply to nothing to see here

    No, it is not. You can easily see which company this is.

  • chreng (unregistered)

    Somebody seem to have scre-ed up the apoststrophes just about where the first stadtwerke-somecity.de is when sanitizing. Yes, I am a mediocre savant with no life

  • Paul Neumann (unregistered)

    I present it here in its entirety, exactly as supplied by Justus No.

  • Anonymous (unregistered)

    Found these 2 very real addresses [mis]encoded in the wall of text: marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de lieferantenwechsel@stadtwerke-flensburg.de

    Please re-sanitize.

  • Been there, done that... (unregistered) in reply to Dave

    Ahhhh, but the money for a new solution had already been spent on the solution, yet the old system was still used....

    Was money allocated for telling/training the existing users on the new solution?

    Tl;dnr: Was anyone told about the new system after it was installed?

  • anony-mouse (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous

    Either they've been changed or you misread as they're not there now. All of the domain names are some variation of 'anothersupplier*'

  • ratty de torquemada (unregistered) in reply to nothing to see here

    No, he can't. It's his punishment ;-)

  • TOOMMY!!! (unregistered)




  • ffucky you rat (unregistered) in reply to nothing to see here

    u coudl just SHTU THE FUCK UP beforei beat your ass fuckbboy

  • Richard (unregistered)

    I think I see the problem - the third address in the list should be "chunkylover53@aol.com". :)

  • Watson (nodebb)

    Some of these comments contain real email addresses.

    Please re-sanitise.

  • kurkosdr (nodebb) in reply to ray10k

    Is it a good thing or bad thing that we don't get as many WTFs as the old days? Is this an indication that software quality is gradually improving, or at least that some of the worst programming WTFs are gradually becoming extinct?

  • kurkosdr (nodebb)

    " oh wow, and these comments don't escape the pasted html tags :o "

    They do, have a look at the page source code: "'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'" <'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'>

    Addendum 2017-01-24 04:07: The text is actually encoded as & quot;'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'& quot; & lt;'marktkommunikation@naturenergieplus-service.de'& gt; (without a space after &)

  • Justus (unregistered)

    I am the one who found that mail. I do apologise for not completely sanitizing that TO line. But as those are not personal addresses and you can find them on the interwebs that should be no real problem. The problem is those marktkommunikation@someenergysupllier-service.de addresses. Twice... And no Excel was involved, but that sounds plausible. And we get loads of mails like that.

  • Bananafish (nodebb) in reply to SG
    Buy a system to replace another system, but not dropping/deleting the other system?

    This is TRWTF here. Nothing worse than users complaining something doesn't work for them, spending years writing up specs and converting to a new system, and then keeping the old system because they don't like change.

  • Dave (unregistered) in reply to Been there, done that...


    Was it really that hard to understand what I wrote. The money already spent on the new system is irrelevant. The cost of insisting the user use the new system was "a great deal of discussion and management escalation", which doesn't come free or even cheap compared to developer time.

  • suzan white (unregistered)

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  • nasch (unregistered) in reply to Dave

    "Just because it offends you doesn't mean it makes sense to spend money - and all the time involved in 'a great deal of discussion and management escalation' costs money - fixing something that's not broken."

    If it weren't broken, they wouldn't have had to do anything at all. It was broken, the question was what is the best solution, and I don't think just firing off something or other that a dev thinks will fix it, without consulting with decision makers, is a career enhancing maneuver.

  • Wane Smith (unregistered)

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