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    The unspoken assumption in "she'd taken Japanese in high school for an easy A" is that only one foreign language was required or could be fitted in, with all the other required courses. Instead of Spanish, she took the language that she'd already learned from her presumably Japanese-American parents for an easy A.

    It's possible that it wasn't that easy because either her parents spoke a non-standard dialect, or, as someone else has noted, her instructor might had some odd notions about proper Japanese. That would be the inverse of the butchered English you'll often hear from well-educated Asians, when there were several degrees of separation between their instructors in English and native English speakers. I also hear that Latin American kids can have trouble in an American Spanish class, where the instructor knows the formal dialect of Madrid, which is rather different from how Spanish evolved in the New World - but nevertheless, they're far ahead of someone who knows no Spanish at all.

    As for the various comments about a proper installation script: It sounds like this project was both rushed and customized for one customer. Under those conditions, it is impractical to write a script that will work in all conditions. But what I wonder is why she didn't just have them install a remote-control application such as Team Viewer and run the installation from her site.

  • SomeName (unregistered)

    I am having similar issue right now. Despite the instructions document user does not follow instructions and does not perform what we need. So we asked used to download file and RECORD it (because we expected he won't be able to time it correctly). This time he following instructions... by starting the download and then opening YouTube to pass time.

  • Axel (unregistered)

    "hi" : message window == "call me back!" : voicemail.

    Both are as annoying AF. Tell me what you want!!

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