• Gargravarr (unregistered) in reply to gnasher729

    This. The one-click opt-in was bound for failure.

    Poor planning and a bad rollout can kill the best idea in the world. As noted, there was no consideration for exceptions, training, nothing. It was all expected to magically work. It's astonishing how many non-techies still think technology is magic. I think even Arthur C. Clarke would shake his head, not just because of what they see it CAN, but because of what they then EXPECT it to do.

    If only the implementers had the special keyboards the planners had, the ones with Make Everything Perfect buttons!

  • jerzyszczur (unregistered) in reply to Avium

    Of course, as with any company, they're not going to voluntarily stop charging for something even though they've long since covered the costs.

    So, why isn't anybody making the government deal with that?

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