• Quite (unregistered)

    It's not even insane.

  • MiserableOldGit (unregistered)

    Is there a bit missing around the sixth line of code, seems like it's making a function call to reasonCodeControl, when that's a variable?

    In any case, looks to me like a nondeveloper just cut and pasted stuff, well, you'd hope so because whoever was mangling that if/for/if thing really doesn't seem to understand what their own code does.

  • LazerFX (unregistered)

    Why modify 'Xrm.Page' to 'Xbp.Page'? It's Dynamics CRM code, nothing proprietary about that...

    And this is a WTF in so many more ways than obvious there - manually modifying options, that relate to a server-side list, on the client, in a non-supported way...

    Ouch. If Microsoft saw this, they'd flip - and any bugs or issues would be immediately classed as 'user caused, support contract invalid'.

  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    There is no reason for this code.

  • Jeff Grigg (unregistered)

    That's what happens when you contract work out to Bizzaro World.



  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered)

    I'm not even mad, that's amazing!

  • FedUpWithThis (unregistered)

    Did you cut the top off the article or is the first word actually "Then,"?

    Do you specifically insert issues into your articles to drum up more comments? Is some kind of SEO thing?

  • Cornify (unregistered)

    I'm confused

  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered) in reply to FedUpWithThis

    The first word of the article is "Chris".

  • Mike Kellogg (google) in reply to Friendly_Reminder

    The second word of the article is "M".

  • No Fun (unregistered) in reply to Mike Kellogg

    The first word of this comment is 'The'.

  • Anonymous (unregistered) in reply to No Fun

    The frist word of this comment is "frist" (0-indexed)

  • Zenith (unregistered)

    The option part is definitely a WTF but it's incredible when duhvelopers, that too often can't even spell their own names the same way twice, make these processing decisions based on specific wording, spacing, and capitalization.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered) in reply to LazerFX

    That's literally the opposite of what I've experienced my entire career: If you pay your pound of flesh, Microsoft will assign support and sometimes development resources to your individual issue, no matter how dumb or self-inflicted. If you have an "interesting" problem, you'll probably get many times the price you paid in expertise solving your problem.

    This is why you should always try to ask an interesting question, even if there might be a few dumb things blocking the ultimate problem on your end; they'll fix the easy stuff and then run it up the ladder for the real issues.

  • (nodebb)

    I've used a switch loop before. What was interesting was that the loop termination value was variable, so effectively I was writing a switch that early-exited depending on the input value. Since the language I was using didn't have early-exit and conditional statements were awkward anyway (for reasons I won't bore you with) a switch loop turned out to be the least annoying way of writing this.

  • Franky (unregistered)

    Thanks for all the Unicorns.... And Rainbow !

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