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    First ^ Typo frist

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    Unregistered addendum - my wrong markdown guess rendered this as gibberish.

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    I had this happen recently with a junior developer. It went something like this: (actual problem was more complicated)

    Me: use a statement like "x = a * b;" to calculate the area.

    He replied: it doesn't compile, the variables a and b are not defined.


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    I am usually the "Senior".... I get the most valuable comments and suggestions for the very Junior (often even interns). IF they say "Something stupid" then there is still value as it has identified a learning opportunity that needs to be addressed.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered)

    a senior developer will coldly review it and provide huge amounts of comments

    Reason for report: I'm in this tweet and I don't like it

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    So who else was expecting the correction to be "and filter bt Product Typo"

  • ooOOooGa (unregistered)

    Sounds like classic malicious compliance.

  • Monte (unregistered)

    We can -partially- blame Guillaume. I know it's pedantic, but he might have written the comment in a more clear way. Of course, the developer should have known what he was talking about, too.

  • (nodebb) in reply to ooOOooGa

    "Stephen with a ph" -> Phteven.

  • Argle (unregistered) in reply to ooOOooGa

    Never attribute malice to that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Right up there with the cake decorated with "CONGRATULATIONS! three times."

  • Yikes (unregistered) in reply to Argle

    I get it - third time is the "charm," so the message was meant to be "Congratulations! charm."

  • MaxiTB (unregistered)

    As a senior developer (20+ yrs professional experience plus 15 more outside of my current framework) I personally find code reviews from junior developers way more useful than from people on my level.

    One reason is simply that a lot people of my age are old but not experienced. In other words they are not up to current practices and technologies but stuck a decade or more back.

    The second reason is simply because I want my code to be easily understandable to most developers and someone close to my experience and skill level will just not provide that kind of feedback.

    And third and finally it is super important to get challenged all the time by different perspectives or you end up becoming an old developer mentioned in my first reason above.

    On topic: Lazy code reviews are worse than no code review. If the comment really only was two words than I have to say there needs to be put in more effort in making reviews. The CR shoul always be clearer than the code itself, otherwise what is the point. So yeah, this is a typical failed code review in my eyes when the code ends up being worse (cause honstly I understand bt better than typo in this context).

  • Delgarde (unregistered) in reply to MaxiTB

    Very much in agreement, provided you can find a junior developer with the confidence to question the senior. I've got a few people I give a lot of reviews to for exactly those reasons... they're people whom I know will actually read what I've done and try to understand it, and who will ask me if they encounter things they think are wrong or which they simply don't understand.

    I also try to encourage the same attitude when reviewing the work of others, especially juniors. The senior isn't always right, and they should always be willing to push back if they don't understand my comments, or if they think I've misunderstood their intent. If I'm right, it's a chance to explain myself better... if I'm wrong, it's a chance for them to add some comments to the code to avoid future misunderstandings.

  • Puzzled (unregistered)

    Am I the only one here who is stun to see that a "senior consultant" would need to write a comment such as "// Step 1: retrieve the content from the container and filter bt Product Type"??

    What happened to Clean Code, naming, making the code clear enough, etc?

    To me it looks like the "Senior consultant" is not so senior...

  • Your99Status (unregistered)
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    Am I the only person who assumes that everyone, from my colleagues, to my boss, to the business users and even my family should understand 's/bt/by/' ?

  • Lyrics Talk (unregistered)
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  • Rich (unregistered)

    Sounds like that great moment in an Agatha Christie's Poirot with the parrot delivery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5F0wsYPcS8

  • Marko (unregistered)

    Did I just miss a huge chunk of the text, or is this one of the most anti-climatic stories on this site?

  • Harris (unregistered) in reply to yaytay

    The issue here is that the consultant would run a command to substitute across the whole file, and then your variable 'subtype' becomes 'subyype'.

  • cooldumpmovie (unregistered)
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