• bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    iNitroVent - looks like something powerfull for me

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    oh sorry it is written intirovent

  • strangeways (unregistered)

    Memecache? gotta store all those jpegs

  • gif or jif? (unregistered) in reply to strangeways

    Probably animated gifs more than jpegs.

  • My Name (unregistered)

    You have a problem.

    Someone told you to use containers, but you don't know enough about them. Now you have two problems.

    You heard that Continuous Deployment is a good thing, but you don't know enough about it. Now you have three problems.

    You hire someone who knows enough about your problems, but you don't listen to this someone. Now you have four problems.

    And you did not even try regular expressions, because you are so stupid that you have never heard of them...

  • (nodebb) in reply to My Name

    well at least they still only have 4 problems instead of five.

  • Chronomium (unregistered)

    "it works for us" -> "we're too scared, too lazy, or too undersupported to change anything"

  • Gumpy Gus (unregistered)

    Been there Am there. At one particularly bad place, they flew in a consultant from very far away, to spend a week, setting up my development system. It never did work. He flew away and my manager handed me his laptop, which kinda worked for development, as long as you didn't mind it crashing every 17 minutes.

  • 04012018 (unregistered)


    If containers had a simple interface for volumes, they would be great.

    Docker, you suck. You are so so bad.

    Why not just use the browser as a JVM? Web assembly could probably beat out that stupid bytecode.

    PS: If the trolls on freelancer do not stop, and I end up as some bum, the good people of Borneo don't get the bomb. I start up a Reduce, reuse, recycling program of broken tools. Blunted screw drivers, broken axe handles, shears that can be taken apart and now you got two handles, things like that.

    Then I'm doing a code bootcamp. Those cyberweapons are leaked out from Assange and Snowden. Cellphones are cheap. So they can name names themselves.

    Theoretically, the anthropological record showed you can make it across the Pacific with some raft made from agarian byproducts. Imagine what you can do with all that garbage China dumped on people.

    All because a group of malignant hippies want to prove a point. Hmmmmm. I take it getting your mom and dad kicked out of their home due to a harassment lawsuit is really not the end of the world. A diverse group of head hunters, using a hidden psychotropic cocktail to keep your head alive indefinitely in a jar, passing it around in a secret network, and "leaking" ancient secrets of heavy metal fusion forcing the Emperor of Bushido's hand into not one, but two, city leveling atomic suicide bombers is!

  • 04012018 (unregistered)

    All because you bullied someone on the computer, and entrenched on their un-alien-a-bull rights because you had a bad day, ran out of midol, and wanted to skip school.

    Email server starts back up. The question you really should be asking is not who wrote this, or what do I do, but is cyber bulling worth having your head in a jar screaming for all eternity?

    For now, I hear the screams.

    Story time is over. No more bids, no more content until my sites are up. Love the wisdom of the marginal Jew, Jesus of Nazareth. Go to Church, even if you are a devil worshiper. If so you better give them all your money.

    If that doesn't work for you, buy GNMA keep the market at 23-25k, collect the dividend and value base investment in your own community.

    Or else!

  • 04012018 (unregistered)

    PS: Don't buy the fund, major ripoff.

    Buy them direct. $25,000 buy in. You get a social security check each month. Great for taxes.

    Use them to buy more GNMA's if you have nothing.

    If you have some drug addicting family member or friend, value based small. Give the coupon, demand 5%. Put them to work on the internet, grinding away at the job shop.

    You're reset button is $30,000 mortgages in bad parts of town, single mothers, and welfare. But first go to church or a mental aslyum or stay at home for 2 weeks and read.

    Good luck!

    Some crazy crazy things are coming down the pipe.

    Look out!


  • 04012018 (unregistered)

    Girls just want to have ...





  • 04012018 (unregistered)

    BOLO for

    Why the Smith PD meter is the best PD meter Don't kill the human immuno viruses. They are our friends! The Day Zero for any hippie who dare betrays their home. Sure! Run all the cons you want with your new Asian friends. But just as the fox has many paths to the den, so do your ships return home.


    That is all!



  • code_goddess (unregistered)

    The spam algorithms are starting to read like the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Still incoherent but now almost passably human.

  • Drone (unregistered) in reply to code_goddess

    Might be nice to have a community flagging option to help beat back the spam. But yes, the markov chains are definitely becoming more plausable... and more unhinged.

  • Rick (unregistered)

    Why are there a bunch of comments still being held for moderation on articles from earlier in the week, yet we got a multi-comment spam on this one? I count five comments still hidden on this article from last week: https://thedailywtf.com/articles/comments/visual-studio-whatever

  • Mike (unregistered)

    I have a serious question about containers. I've been reading a lot of articles like this one and thought I'd give Docker a try.

    My first experience with it, and this is with the latest stable version from their website, is that the first thing that happened was that I spun a container up, and it worked for a while, and then hung. I tried to kill the container with increasing intensity of kill commands according to docker's documentation. Nothing worked. The entire docker instance was completely hung, and not even rebooting the machine solved it because the image was locked somehow. I had to apt-get --purge docker and then manually delete the image in order to unlock it. Reinstalled, tried again, same thing happened.

    Ok, maybe there's something wrong with my machine, which works for everything else. Try a different machine. Same problem. Googled it. Found a similar error report three years ago which was apparently solved shortly thereafter.

    I mean, is this the docker that everybody is supposedly using in production mode? I so want it to work, but if one misstep brings down the entire server and forces a full reinstall, how the hell can you use it in a real environment?

  • Zenith (unregistered) in reply to Rick

    Because the only condition to being held or not is mobile or desktop. I thought Alex at one point owned or operated a software company so the design choices on this site are weird sometimes. I'm just glad we're no shackled to Discourse anymore.

  • Sole Purpose of Visit (unregistered) in reply to Gumpy Gus

    I don't wish to validate your pain, or even revisit it, but what kind of laptop crashes every seventeen minutes?

  • David (unregistered)

    How can comments like this get "held for moderation", but spammy users like 04012018 are allowed to post freely?

  • The Real WTF (unregistered)

    The real WTF is leaving a company because they misunderstood a few buzzwords rather than helping them transition as a team by highlighting the benefits of using those technologies "correctly"

  • Containment (unregistered)

    Docker itself is „beta“ quality at best. There is currently no operation system (i.e. Linux distribution) available which can be used to run Docker containers 100% reliably.

    Containers in general (such as LXC for Linux) are okay, and the tooling is quite comprehensive and reliable. But Docker, in particular, is so much „in flux“ and flaky that it isn‘t even sufficiently compatible to itself. And that doesn‘t even touch the fundamental security, isolation and networking problems that still exist in Docker containers.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Chronomium

    Yep, every time I hear something like that it means "We don't know better, but we don't have the time to learn how to do it right". Very frustrating when you've heard some variation of that constantly for most of your career.

  • Earth's Mellow Monk (unregistered)

    I feel Sandra's pain... but, hey, at least git pull is a better deployment process than manually doing everything via FTP...

  • Kashim (unregistered) in reply to My Name

    It's OK, because that developer you hired who knows how to do things properly won't be a problem for long if you don't listen to them. And anyway, if you DO listen to them, you've got N problems, where N is the number of other people in the department.

  • Zenith (unregistered) in reply to The Real WTF

    I'm on a phone so this'll sit in moderation for a week and you'll never read it but let's go anyway.

    You go ahead and try. They won't budge and won't tolerate being exposed as doing it wrong/stupidly. Your reward will be a pink slip while they badmouth you to the next sucker and a gap on your resume where you can't provide a reference. Best to bail out ASAP so you can spin a short time off as anything else. Sorry to have to say this but that's the way it is in much of the industry.

  • trailmax trailmax (google)

    Hey, what is wrong with deploying with git pull? I still do that. On a 10-year old PHP project that is barely maintained and client won't pay for any CI/CD work. Deployment happen there every 4-6 months...

  • Andrew (unregistered)

    Completing a "new and rather large feature" by the end of your first week? Thats the real WTF

  • NevemTeve (unregistered)

    Well, I think 'git' is a bit of overkill; what I use for deployment is 'cvs up; make clean install'

  • Wheresthespamohthereitis (unregistered)

    The sad spammers have taken over thedailywtf's forums. Take care. I'm out.

  • isthisunique (unregistered)

    I think what not enough people ask is what the hell did people do before docker. I am constantly seeing juniors coming in with Docker lauding all its merits but then they're stuff is riddled with more problems then I ever had. Not a single person seems to truly know why their using it or what the alternative is.

    I've been using chroots, virtualisation, virtualenvs, fakeroots, unionfs, etc for quite a while now. I've only recently given things like lx* and docker a go but here's the thing, when I'm making use of those I know what it's replacing and what it's really for as well as what I really expect to get.

    My view on docker is that for a lot of scenarios it's not terrible but on the other hand when I look at its implementation for a lot of things it is pretty awful. They've rushed to get their foot in the door and that's come at a cost. From a season system administrator's point of view the way it does a lot of things is half baked and amateur grade. There are a hell of a lot of things they didn't think about and are now having to go back and fix.

    As for git on production servers almost every junior seems to think that's the way when it's not. The way is a build/deploy server and how you ship is up to you. Can be pull, push or just rsync. That's not really anything to do with docker.

    I'll tell you exactly what happens with this:

    1. Entire repository, extra git package on all production servers.
    2. People like to abuse it to make hotfixes directly on servers.
    3. Git wont be shipping builds. You'll be building it on every production server every time. Suddenly every web server is an entire build server.
    4. Or build will be combined with codebase all the way down to the branches you're developing on.
    5. Developer built material hitting production.
    6. Often no centralised update. Expect someone logging into each server and doing git pull. Often will skip a server. Oops.
    7. People will put all kinds of git credentials on the production servers.
    8. Worse and worse. Remotes crossweave.
  • William_Brennan (unregistered) in reply to David

    I wish all comments were as funny as this thing's.

  • HaakonKL (unregistered)

    Wait... so Docker is just like... a Java Application server you can dump WAR-files on? Is that what this is all about? A wildfly reimplementation in some other langauge?

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