Your software is terrible, but that doesn’t make it special. All software is terrible, and yes, you know this is true. No matter how good you think it is, bugs and performance problems are inevitable.

But it’s not just the ugly internals and mysterious hacks and the code equivalent of duct-tape and chewing gum which make your software terrible. Your software exists to fill some need for your users, and how do you know that’s happening? And worse, when your application fails, how do you understand what happened?

In the past, we’ve brought your attention to Raygun, which allows you to add a real-time feedback loop that gives you a picture of exactly what’s happening on their device or their browser. And now, Raygun is making it even better, with Raygun APM.

The Raygun Logo

Raygun Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tackles the absolute worst part of releasing/supporting applications: dealing with performance issues. With Raygun APM, you can get real-time execution stats on your server-side code, and find out quickly which specific function, line, or database call is slowing down your application.

Raygun highlighting execution timelines and aligning them with code in GitHub

You won’t have to wait for someone to notice the issue, either- Raygun APM proactively identifies performance issues and builds a workflow for solving them. Raygun APM sorts through the mountains of data for you, surfacing the most important issues so they can be prioritized, triaged and acted on, cutting your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and keeping your users happy.

Raygun's issue management interface

In addition to all this, Raygun is adding tight integration with source control, starting with GitHub.

Request access to the beta here. Or if you’re already tired of searching logs for clues in an effort to replicate an issue, try out Raygun’s current offerings and resolve errors, crashes and performance issues with greater speed and accuracy.

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