"I was put on a new Microsoft Access project recently," Stuart A writes, "and I've slowly been finding my way around the system as the need arises (read: as bugs are reported). As my eyes drifted over the numerous modules, one stopped me in my tracks. It was a module named 'modHmm'. I guessed the programmer was in a ponderous mood?. So naturally, I had a look inside..."

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Global t1qq
Global t2qq
Global t3qq

"The file started off as usual," Stuart continued, "Globally declared variables without types that were poorly named and to be used who-knows-where. It was pretty standard stuff for our modules. So I continued looking..."

Public Sub UpdateThing()
    Dim adoRst As New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim comRate As Double
    adoRst.Open _
        "SELECT * FROM view91 WHERE Transaction_GLAccount_Code = '12055'", _
         Application.CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText
    Do Until adoRst.EOF
        adoRst!Transaction_GLAccount_Code = "12056"
End Sub

"Okay. So the function names were turning out to be as descriptive as the module name. Fine. But then I saw..."

Public Sub dude()
    Call sbWriteGLTransaction("2003CD1182", _
          "Cheque Sent Bank", Fdate("2002-07-10"), -4097.47, _
          "Dealer: Diner's Club", glClass.Company_Code, "12025")
    Call sbWriteGLTransaction("2003CD1182", _
          "Cheque Sent Creditor", Fdate("2002-07-10"), 4097.47, _
          "Dealer: Diner's Club", glClass.Company_Code, glClass.GetGLCode("CR"))
End Sub

"Dude?!" Stuart wrote, "not only Dude, but that but Public Dude?! What are we doing?? My eyes continued down the page..."

Public Sub hhhhhfjhskjfds()
    Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset
    Set rst = useADO("View57", 2, , , 1)

    Do Until rst.EOF
        Call ocClass.setDateCompleteOnConsignmentItem( _
          Format(rst!StockMovement_Date, "dd/mm/yyyy"), _
          "Stock Written Off", , _
          rst!OnConsignmentItem_OnConsignment_ID, _
End Sub

"I'm stunned!" Stuart added, "the rest of the functions were similarily named: jklsadjflksd(), ggggg(), ddd(), etc."

"Hmmmmm, indeed."

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