Tokyo readers -- I am once again visiting your fine city this week, and thought it'd be fun to try for another Tokyo/TDWTF meetup. Earlier this year, we got together at an izakaya for nomihoudai:

If you're unaware, nomihoudai is an easy way for a group of folks to get as much food and drink from the menu as they'd like for a set price over a set duration, without fussing over details like who ordered what and how many. While Japanese people often see this as a convenient offer, as an American I recognize it for the challenge it is -- and conquer it I shall!

So, if you're up for getting together this Friday (possibly Saturday?) in Shinjuku or Shibuya area, please drop me a note via the contact form or direct, apapadimoulis/

As for everyone else, thanks for submitting the bugs/issues/suggestions for the new site. We just fixed a bunch of them earlier today, and will continue to fix stuff as it comes in. Your help is greatly appreciated -- not just for submitting issues but for helping with fixed teh codez as well. If you're brave enough to explore the TDWTF codebase, I'll gladly send you some brand new TDWTF stickers with the updated logo.

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