"I simply have no confidence in the products offered by ~QCCmp2Txt~," writes Jack B.


"Usually you'd expect to see this button on a screen, but this charity provided it on a paper form," writes Munch Paulson, "I guess you have to check the box?"


"I saw this in the local newspaper," Dan B wrote, "I haven't quite got the jist of the article."


"One of our users was just sorting a new customer's loan details out and came across this," writes Paul T, "when I rang the vendor about it, apparently Andy Jackson left a few months ago, so it can't just be him that's a lazy ass!!"


Josh got this fortune cookie with his Chinese food recently.


"This email came marked with high importance from Citibank," writes Visakh.


Nato writes, "perhaps I should enter Yellow Brick Road?"


"I learned two things while checking out a lighting system at a venue," Josh writes, "stage lights apparently have embedded Windows computers, and they're also prone to crash as (barely) seen in this cell phone pic."


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