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We got several submissions this week related to Steam's website. Apparently it's popular with TDWTF readers. Is all of this a genuine indication of careless webdevs, or is Steam marketing just so fiendishly clever that they're tricking us into amplifying their presence? Feel free to speculate; I'm going with a corollary to Hanlon's razor. Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by awarding every job to the lowest bidder.

First, Brad K. declared "I was surprised to see an email from Steam about a summer sale this late in the year. Then I saw, they got it right at the same time they got it wrong,"

Monday Monday

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Joshua O. repeats "Looks like this week will really be a case of the Mondays!"

Quantum Ferment

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With a minimum of curated snark this week, you get only the freshest goods.

Unpreserved jeffphi reports "My friend Jason mentioned this to me. I assume if you select these options, your pickle state will collapse only after observing your delivered goods."

Foreign Keys

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Amateur mathematician Chris F. thoughtfully sums up this screencap. "Although Numberblocks is a brilliant show for kids learning to count, I can't help but feel the BBC perhaps need to watch it themselves when it comes to the order of the series (or 'seasons' as many of your readers may know them) in the show..."

Paint it Black

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Prescriptivist Phil pronounces "Alas, I've been saying these wrong my whole life. But at least my way I can say it in one breath." At least your way I can say it within my remaining lifespan, Phil!

Fire and Ice

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Some say the world will end in fire , a great American poet once penned. Not wanting to run afoul of his heirs and assigns, I'll leave you to find the rest of it for yourselves. For my own two bits, let me say that while ice may suffice, nothing but nothing is quite like twice.

Gordon S. writes to alert us to an unusual weather event next week. Good news, though. The boss says you can take the day off.

Oneth things frist

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... or maybe oneth things snecod, as it turns out. This week, two unique anonymeese have brought something to share, and our alien friend Skippy piles on to the Lenovo laugh-in. Guten Morgen!

Decisive Michael R. is flummoxed by the law of the excluded middle. "YES," he assures us, "yes, those were checkboxes. And, no, not radios."


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I know that I recently implied a fondness for cooked corvid, but if this keeps up I'm going to turn vegan. It will be a sad day if I have to turn in the barnyard puns.

Reader Ruthless R. goes in HAM, crowing "Daily WTF goes WTF with its RSS Feed." It's getting to be less funny.