"I was updating my AT&T Global Network Client and was confronted with a few choices," wrote Nick S., "I think I clicked the right one."


"I saw this sign at Fred Meyer's," Jon Pope, "I love their math!


Michael Herring notes, "Netflix is always a day ahead of the rest of us."


"Rapidshare got a little extra rapid today," wrote Ofer Schwarz, "needless to say, the upload still took a few hours."


Ben Avecilla knew he shouldn't have used that $5-million bill.


"I'm confused," comments Barry E., "does this mean I'm connected or not?"


"The sign normally tell you how long until the next bus," Tara S writes, "I think this is what happens when a bus actually arrives early."


"I was on Symantec.com and wondered what happened to Step 2," Derek Jackson notes, "then I scrolled down."


"I snapped this Listen-to-the-Whale Fail at the Maui Aquarium," wrote Gabe Brown, "glad that there's a reason, and it's not some arbitrary thing."


"While registering a new .ca domain," Erik Kretschmer wrote, "I'm glad to see I can register a domain for Her Majesty the Queen. Surely, we all know that Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II registers all her TLD with 10dollars.ca."


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