Today's What The Ad? is courtesy of John D.. The general theme: business ads that wouldn't appeal to a typical business, even then.

BYTE, January 1982 - "FMS-80 Organizes Your Organization." Or, "Yes, you too can be just like organized crime!"


Popular Computing, January 1982 - this could pretty much be a poster for a whole slew of businesses last year... 26 years after warning us "Stop Stealing From Your Own Business!"


BYTE, August 1983 - Sadly, most "programming professionals" would consider that orginal IBM PC to be just as much a toy as the others.


This last one isn't really a "What The?" at all, but it's so darn clever I couldn't resist. In the days long before PDFs, when you printed your checks on a tractor-feed dot matrix, "What good is a computer that's faster than Einstein if your forms supplier is slower than Gutenberg?"


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