In today’s MFD, I’ve decided to unleash my unbridled hatred on doormen and local artists. Actually, that was sarcasm. You see, I really don’t think all Linux users are like Zach, nor do I think all cowboys program in COBOL, and no, not all recruiters are shysters. What I’m doing is using stereotypes and personal experience to try to create humor.

Thanks to all of you who enjoy the comic or are at least giving it a chance. And if you hate the comic and can see through my plot to destroy The Daily WTF, I appreciate the constructive criticism and the fact that you care enough about the site.

As for low brow attempts at humor? Oh, there is so much more to come. No one is safe. The comments will light a blaze with flame wars, until anger and hatred fills and clogs all the tubes of the internet. That said, please join us next week for more exciting adventures from MANDATORY FUN DAY!

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