In the world of .NET, the Right Way to include newlines in a string is with the Environment.NewLine constant. Of course, given how easy "\n" is, few developers actually follow this rule.

// The Right Way
myString = "Line1" + Environment.NewLine + "Line2" + Environment.NewLine + "Line3";

// The Way Everyone Does It
myString = "Line1\nLine2\nLine3";

And since "\n" works in many cases, why even bother with the codeier way? Well, one developer - Vasko's predecessor - wouldn't stand for the Easy Way. He wasn't quite a fan of the Right Way, so he came up with his own way...

public static string CRLF
      char chrCR = (char)13;
      string strCR = chrCR.ToString(); 
      char chrLF = (char)10;
      string strLF = chrLF.ToString();
      string strCRLF = strCR + strLF; 
      return strCRLF;
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