"MSDN subscriptions were great in the 19th century. Once the 1900's rolled around, I never bothered to renew it," wrote Josh Einstein.


"Unless their competitors are more expensive, Home Depot should reconsider their choice of ads," writes Keith Gregory.


Dave Perry recently recieved a backup drive and here's how Ubuntu reacted when he tried to back it up.


"The bus was running a bit behind schedule today," writes Dave S., "Hopefully this stop will authenticate soon."


Ryan wrote, "Today, the day before the end of the word, the Seattle Times apparently have changed over to Latin to appease somebody."


"While $199 for a 4TB external drive is a good price, I think I might wait until the sale is over before buying one," writes Kenneth.


"The actual install size was 0.00342GB," writes Martin, "Spock would not have approved."


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