It's hard to define what makes today's batch of submissions so special. Is it just the futility? Or is it the certainty that nobody nowhere knows nothing?

Audiophile Neal S. tentatively asserts "Not sure this is where the lyrics are supposed to be on the Spotify UI."



Ansel Pol patiently poses "I received this very informative email from eBay. Does this mean that my null is going to be delivered soon? "



Graham Asher raises a knotty question we can't untangle. "If you undefine NaN does it become a number ?"



Milquetoast Motorcyclist muses "The YouTube app is pretty bad but I wouldn't go so far as to call it 'null'. "



A hushed Daniel C. whispers that he bought his wife a silent Sonata, but it's a mite pricey: "Not sure I can afford NULL for the first NULL months package. Will have to check my bank account. "



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