A few weeks ago, the fine folks at the IASA invited to speak at one of their webinars to discuss an article I wrote a little while back. It's a free webinar, and runs tomorrow (Thu, Mar 18, 2010) from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern:

If you’ve worked at enough companies in the IT industry, you’ve probably noticed that the most talented software developers tend to not stick around at one place for too long. The least talented folks, on the other hand, entrench themselves deep within the organization, often building beachheads of bad code that no sane developer would dare go near, all the while ensuring their own job security and screwing up just enough times not to get fired.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the solution is “retention”: simply entice the talented developers with benefits, stock options, growth opportunities, etc, and certainly, there’d be no reason to ever leave, right? In reality, these programs do little more than extend the inevitable, and worse, can even leave employees resentfully staying just to get their vesting.

Today, I’ll discuss a new approach. In short: embrace turnover, encourage separation, and don’t even think about saying “careers, not jobs.” Oh yes, it’s Employment 2.0.

You can register for free here, and remember that space is limited. Hope to see you there!

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