As he popped the blister pack on another pair of 'industrial grade' antacid pills Brian recalled the contractor's first few weeks in the department.

Everything was better at his last assignment. The department's development processes were obsolete and the development tools he was given? Don't even start. His way, no matter how convoluted or obtuse was the best way. Don't question it - just get used to it.

When asked why he was no longer at his previous assignment, the contractor calmly stated that he bounced from assignment to assignment as a matter of course, going to where he was needed the most and had the most to contribute.

Now that the contractor had abruptly moved on to his next gig, Brian wished that he would have kept better tabs on what the contractor was up to and taken his righteous indignation as a clue that things were not going to turn out well. If he had, then he wouldn't be taking over the counter medication, wishing that he was comatose instead of having to work on code like the function listed below.

  long getLeadCount(string myHomeID, string myStatus)
     long i = 0;
     string rsLeadID = "";

     OdbcConnection DbConnection = new OdbcConnection("Driver={SQL Server};" + "Server=" + strDBConnection + 
                   ";" + "Database=" + strDB + ";" + "Uid=" + strDBUser + ";" + "Pwd=" + strDBPassword);

     OdbcCommand DbCommand = DbConnection.CreateCommand();
     DbCommand.CommandText = "select * from tblleads where homenum = " + myHomeID + " and reviewed = " + myStatus;
     OdbcDataReader DbReader = DbCommand.ExecuteReader();     

     while( DbReader.Read()) 

     return i; 

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