"I saw this on a display screen on a motel in Pigeon Forge, TN (also known as hell)," Corey D writes, "my favorite part? It was there for several days."


"Ummm," writes May-Ann E, "somehow I don't think 'disinfect' is close enough to 'report as false alert' to be a suitable replacement."


Steve Kruse encountered this Avira AV update message.


"I was updating my HP profile to unsubscribe from even MORE junk emails, and it asked this very strange question," rP L writes, "can I really ask them not to send emails to anyone? I only wish this worked, I'd update my profile on all kinds of sites..."


"Chase wanted to let me know that they were going to be taking over handling my HSA funds," Paul wrote, "it was bad enough they couldn't share the hyperlink to where we needed to go, but they decided to mail the same letter to me twice."


"I'm not sure what the difference is between real and non-real text," Grant Walker, "I just hope I don't need an advanced maths degree..."


"I saw this at Wendy's while ordering," notes Nick, "it might not be very filling, but at least it's a good deal!"


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