The Academy graduating class of 2316 gathered in lecture hall. The moment was almost at hand. A moment they had been anticipating for the last four years. Indeed, for many of them, they had been eagerly looking forward to finding out the secret since the time they formed their first differential equation.

As the professor strode to the lectern, a murmur spread through the room. As she placed her notes on the lectern, she straightened her glasses, a hush fell over the crowd.

"Glad you all could make it. What you're about to see is the secret behind the warp drive core. It was first discovered by Dr Paul back in the early 21st century. Scientists at the time had no idea what to make of it. All they knew was that the mere attempt to untangle the data was sufficient to rend the spacetime fabric. Three hundred years later, although we have learned, through trial and much error, how better to regulate the results, we are still no closer to actually understanding where the data came from or why it was even there. It is for this reason that the details are kept so secret.

But your time here at the Academy has put you in a position to be able to assist as we attempt to unravel the mysteries of the mySQL DateTime Paradox.

Suddenly the screen behind the professor was lit up with the paradoxical data. A collective gasp from the crowd confirmed both the simplicity and complexity of the contents.

SELECT StartDate, EndDate FROM ProjectionDates

StartDate             EndDate
===================   ====================
Jun 11 2013 10:50PM   Date(1328033230-0500)

"A word of warning to all of you," continued the professor after giving the students a few moments to digest. "There's a reason why we keep these details a secret. The last breach of the spacetime fabric accidentally resulted in Windows Mobile becoming the de facto standard for cell phones until the late 2020's. The result was two lost generations and 50 years of economic stagnation. That's not a risk we're willing to take."

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