"The SkyDrive Pro installer has issued an ultimatum," writes Matt Wanchap, "Either that legacy access application or the SharePoint site has got to go."


Vince wrote, "I had a computer once that came with a slide out cup tray, but this laptop seems like it could be much more useful."


"As if it's bad enough that 'cat's birthday' is a required field," writes D. Traver Adolphus, "But what's up with 1996 and 1997?! Were they bad years for cats?"


The fourth law of thermodynamics was recently revealed to James in a very understated way in a Target store in Sydney, Australia.


Steve Folts remarked, "Wow! Those Kardashians sure do get around!"


Our very own Alex Papadimoulis spotted this on WKYC's weather channel. "It was like this for quite a while," he wrote, "confirming that no one -- even the station -- watches Channel 3-2."


"I really wanted to submit it as is but wound up just emailing them the (long) list of problems with their survey," Jack Timmons wrote.


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