Today's article is a revisit of a classic. Alex will be back tomorrow with a new Pop-up Potpourri.

Yes, I do realize that today's article has a big ole' photograph employing a hackneyed spoof of MasterCard's "Priceless" campaign. But bare with it; the accompanying story from Zack makes it worthwhile ...

I work for a company that has recently started to grow in the technology realm. One of the growing pains we're having is our Network Administrator. Being the CEO's son-in-law, you'd think he'd be more than qualified for the job. But as it turns out, there's a slight qualifications gap. Among many other things, he ordered a new $2,000 laptop because the network card was "broken." I easily fixed it by installing the drivers.

But it was a recent trip to the server room that really took the cake. Our network admin was out "training" for the week and we needed to go in and make a few configuration changes. Our server rack houses about $20,000 worth of new equipment and has a free standing A/C unit on the counter to keep it cool. Like similar A/C units, it has a spot on the back for a hose attachment to drain water from.

When we walked into the server room we nearly tripped on a giant puddle of water on the floor. But that wasn't the kicker; our admin had set up the A/C unit to drain directly on the counter and had put a small fishbowl beneath the counter to catch the counter-overspill. Since no one was doing the "regular maintenance" of emptying the fishbowl, it filled up and commenced spilling onto the floor.

We can only hope the "training" our network admin is at this week involves some sort of server room design cram session. Or, really, anything would be good. Please, just let it be something!

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