Go ahead Michael Fulker, make your move. I'll count to one.


"I was obeying my wife and doing some research into what would happen to our daughter who had swallowed a penny (because, you never know, she might not poop it out)" P. James wrote, "and I came across this interesting... Culinary Development?"


Jon was looking forward to punching some dudes in Oni, when suddenly...


Ben spotted this ad that was run on a web site that I won't name here. Whatever web site it was, it seems their QA or ad department was asleep at the wheel.


"I encountered this page while trying to use a web-based library catalog," Konrad Zielinski writes. "Having to not use the navigation buttons on your browser seems like a little bit of a WTF to me."


Based on these two ads spotted by Claudio in Milan, I'd say Playlife has a better ad than Microsoft.

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