Diego G. lives in Argentina and is working with a developer from the USA on a PHP project. Recently they were discussing the merits of handling the communication from the backend to the frontend via XML or JSON. The system used XML elsewhere already, but for the new work it looked like it'd be quicker and easier to work with JSON in the PHP pages.

The contact in the US didn't like one solution more than the other, and in the interest of getting the project done quickly, sent an email with his solution.

We choose to keep it simple. Hope this makes sense. Please feel free to add any
additional info you feel is needed. thanks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Following is a sample of what we've been asked to do.

    <content id="account-item-data">
                    "save-date-mmdd":"Oct 27","save-date-yyyy":"Oct 27","type":"N",
                    {"first-name":"Johann Sebastiann","last-name":"Bach"}}
                <!-- ... -->
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