Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small souvenir. More recently, I've been sending out the coveted TDWTF Mugs for truly awesome souvenirs. Nothing specific; per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (previous: A Crapton of Candy).

It's not every day that one is treated to a nice, steak dinner. Even rarer is when said dinner shows up at your front door, completely randomly and unexpected. Brandon "galgorah" Leach (Boston, MA) wrote, "here's at least one lunch you shouldn't be able to complain about. Well, unless you eat this all in one sitting."

What makes steaks by mail so exciting -- in addition to the fact that they're steaks by mail -- is the fact that they're shipped with dry ice. Nothing is more ominous than opening a package and watching smoke pour out. If you have yet to experience such a treat, this is exactly what it's like.

As for the contents... filet-fricken-mignon and some awesomely delectable sides. Brandon, you rock -- I'll definitely send a couple extra stickers your way and a TDWTF mug, too!

Not pictured: seasoning packet, cutting board, 4 steak knives, ensuing knife fight over the steaks, victorious me,
bloodied coworkers, and steak dinner with lawyer to discuss subsequent lawsuit(s)


A.B. Hollar (Harrisonburg, VA) sent this empty Cuban cigar box, happy birthday napkin, Rosetta Stone sticker, and evil lego dude.


"To help you with the dire food situation," wrote Daniel Quadros (Sao Paulo, Brazil) "here are some take-out menus. Some of them even offers free delivery!" How exciting! I called up Engenharia Do Hamburguer to place an order. Of course, they spoke some kind of Spanish, so I repeated myself a few times very loudly and slowly. I'm pretty sure those burgers will be on their way soon.


Jeremy D. Pavleck sent this massive set of Minnesota souvenirs and randomness, including: invitation to his wedding, which took place at the Science museum on 2^10; orange pencil favor from said wedding;combo pen/pencil from HP; and an itemized list of the contents.


This TFT-screen cleaning towel and a two-euro coin is from Matthias Leeb (Wien, Austria).


Not to many people can say that they've done the Quebec microbrewery tour. Thanks to Martin King (Quebec, Canada), now I can not only fake it, but prove that I was there, too.


Kirby Stirland sent over WTF?: How to Survive 101 of Life's Worst F*#!-ing Situations. Since I'm still entrenched in my insult book, I only had a chance to flip through a few pages. The Amazon excerpts are pretty representative.


Alex Garner (S Melbourne, Australia) sent over the chip that started it all: the 8086-2 Microprocessor


Jeff Mercer (Raleigh, NC) traded in some refrigerator art for a few TDWTF stickers.


A reader from Kansas City, MO sent some swag from around their office, including the Office XP clip foreshaddowing the death of Clippy and Rocky.


David Clay (Fairhope, AL) sent some mardis gras throws.


Enclosed in Lassi Marttala's (Alavusas, Finland) packet was a few random items, including an unused Geocache logbook, some flypaper, and a box of Pantteri drops. Now I couldn't quite tell if the Pantteri was salmiak candy or dried-up panther turds, and tasting them didn't help identify things one way or another. But either way, I don't think they're intended to be eaten.


And finally, a small pile of random souvenirs from around the world. Note that the ugly-ass babies are tasmaian devils.


Don't forget to snail-mail in your own souvenirs for some TDWTF stickers. Ultra-awesome souvenirs (like, say, steak) could even get you a TDWTF mug.

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