"They must really want your marketing information," writes J.W. Koebel, "that steak sure costs a lot of you want to buy it anonymously."


"I was building a Silverlight project, when all of a sudden I get this message," wrote Fausto, "Thankfully, I have four cores, so I think I'll be OK."


"This shirt gives you super powers," writes Sachin, "and now its a steal on Amazon."


"Appearently," writes Jarrod, "it takes 26.5 miles to burn off just 30 calories from maca powder."


"I received this from Michigan State," writes Evan Schiewe, "it does not set them apart as a university I would like to attend. Spacemustbelmtedntheemalaswell."


"They just put in place yet another new project management system, this time developed by our outsourcing partners in Asia," Yoshi writes, "every day is my own personal Error'd (especially when you include the plethora of Engrish-laden dialogs), but I think this one explains it best. This isn't just bad UI; this took effort to achieve. And yes all messages, including successful ones, are marked with the warning icon."


"I was driving through a blizzard back to a suburb of Milwaukee when I saw this sign," wrote Kurt Lehrke, "I guess that's their way of saying that it's a variable time?"


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