"In my native language of German," writes Christian, "the word quellcode is a pretty direct translation of 'source code'."

"Unfortunately, bad code seems to cross language barriers - as does that famous three-letter explicit adjective. But occasionally I’ll find a piece of quellcode that deserves its own special, localized expletive: quäl-kot. When I stumbled across this interface in our quellcode, quäl-kot was the first thing that came to my mind."

public interface ITableSelector
    string selectTable1();

    string selectTable2();

    string selectTable3();

    string selectTable4a();

    string selectTable4b();

    string selectTable5();

    string selectTable6();

    string selectTable7a();

    string selectTable7b();

    string selectTable8();

    string selectTable9a();

    string selectTable9b();

    string selectTable10();

    string selectTable11();

    string selectTable12();

    string selectTable13();

    string selectTable14a();

    string selectTable14b();

    string selectTable14c();

    string selectTable14d();

    string selectTable15();

    string selectTable16();

    string selectTable17();

    string selectTable18();

    string selectTable19();

    string selectTable20();

    string selectTable21a();

    string selectTable21b();

    string selectTable22();

    string selectTable23();

    string selectTable24();

    string selectTable25();

    string selectTable26();

    string selectTable27();

    string selectTable28();

    string selectTable29();

    string selectTable30();

    string selectTable31();
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