The number of Steam errors that get sent to The Daily WTF's Inbox is somewhat unnerving. So, naturally, the only thing to do is to turn a bunch of 'em into an all-Steam edition of Error'd!

"Somehow, I'm not exactly impressed by my savings here," writes Mark.


"It was only at that peak speed for about .00000000005 seconds, though, perhaps the bigger WTF is how I can't ever get over 30kb/s," laments Parry.


"#steam_store_text_replacement_broken" notes Brian V.


Dan noticed a similar issue as Brian V. did above, though his situation appears to be a bit worse.


"This message appeared any time I tried to start a game from within Steam," reports Arran.


"Does this mean I need enough room just in case I want to download the entire Steam store?" ponders Stefan.


"The Steam auto-updater has an interesting sponsor," writes Igal Tabachnik.


"Looks like a great sale," wrote Wesley C., "but that still isn't cheap enough to make me buy it!"


Kevin asks, "If I agree does that mean Valve can make up the agreement later and I'd be bound by it?"


"I use steam from a Finnish installation sometimes," writes Matt, "and when trying to launch Rochard, Steam displayed this message. The message and dates are in English, except they've been 'bent' as if they were Finnish - 'Aprilta' and 'Juneta'."


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