You know that you're really in for a treat when, after joining a large, on-going project, your technical overview consists of an email from the lead architect that reads "I have commented just about everything; you should be able to figure it out without a problem." Our anonymous poor soul who submitted this didn't quite realize how fun it would be ...

/// The GaidenCommand is a specialized Command for use by the
/// CommandManager.
/// Note, the word "gaiden" is Japanese and means "side story",
/// see "".
/// Why did I call this "GaidenCommand"? Because it's very similar to
/// a regular Command, but it serves the CommandManager in a different
/// way, and it is not the same as a regular "Command". Also
/// "CommandManagerCommand" is far too long to write. I also toyed with
/// calling this the "AlephCommand", Aleph being a silent Hebrew
/// letter, but Gaiden sounded better.

Since I'm on the subject of comments, I may as well share this comment that another anonymous coder sent in. I suppose you Canadians may be used to this, it was just a bit of place in Atlanta, Georgia ...

 *  This source-code is to only be used by Initech developers. So that someone
 *  may navigate through this source code, here is the convention used:
 *  - All variable and function names are in English (for the most part), so that
 *    it will be clear for programmers; the names speak for themselves.
 *  - Comments throughout the code are usually written in French. If you don't 
 *    speak French, and cannot find us to ask what a comment means, you can use 
 *    a grammatical translator online, like
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