Office safety is no laughing matter. Here at Inedo, when we’re not playing 5-finger filet blindfolded, having backwards Aeron races down the stairs, or constructing our own plywood cubicle loft, we're busy learning the "best practices" in the world of office safety. And boy is there a lot to learn; for example, did you know that BB gun fights violate OSHA guidelines?

That said, I was thrilled when Joe Breeden sent in some scans from a mandatory Office Health & Safety seminar he recently attended. "I wish I could say they were 'joke' pages to lighten up the mood before the serious stuff," Joe commented, "but they're not. They're very real and Safety, Health and Environment treats matters like these very seriously." Click the images for a full size view.





And if that wasn't enough safety for the day, Paul G shared an email he received from his company's Health and Safety officer...

From: ********************** 
Sent: 12 December 2008 10:46
To: ******* Staff
Subject: Please watch where you are going

Hi all,

We have had incidents of people walking into the first aid box 
by the Performance and reporting team, 

Please watch where you are walking. 

To try to prevent injury to people walking into the first aid box 
we have placed a plant next to it, yes that means that if you are 
not watching where you are going you are going to have to deal 
with the plant before you have to deal with the big metal box on 
the wall.

If you still walk into the first aid box (after walking over the 
plant) then please send a complaint to the Health and Safety 
officers: ************, ******************* and 

If you are injured by not watching where you are going, then please 
contact a first aider: *********************, ******************** 
and ********************************.

Thank you and regards,


Have a safe day, and be sure to share your safety stories and advice in the comments.

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