It's time once again to announce a new locale branch: The Daily WTF: Edition Française at

Edition française is headed up by Jocelyn Demoy, a French IT developer who recently managed to escape from a small IT company rife with worst practices and anti-patterns. He's now a developer at a major insurance company. Jocelyn adds...

I am very happy and proud to join Alex in announcing the launch of Edition Française. Reading the original edition during the past two years was a pleasure that I wanted to share with my fellow French-speakers. More than a simple translation, Edition française will have plenty of original content, so that you can see that us French-speaking people can make some nice WTFs too.

So, if you read French, or you just enjoy looking at a bunch of French words, guffawing, and saying "oh la la", then go check out The Daily WTF: Edition Française.

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