Compilers are just too picky: on one hand, they'll accept just about anything; this encourages us to feed them just about anything. On the other hand, they complain ceaselessly. Luckily, you can just pipe away your troubles to /dev/null and everything is sunshine and lollipops again. (Or fluorescent basement lighting and Pop-Tarts, take your pick.)

All is not well for AJ, however. In his world, they discovered the -Wall and --- instead of shying away --- actually use it. What's more, they actually fix warnings, like the following "unused variable warning."


  QString HostAddress::dns () const {
      Q_UINT32 ipv4Addr = getIpv4Address();
      QString dnsStr;
      return dnsStr;


Of course, he found this during the course of his job, which is (currently) to fix these kinds of problems. In this codebase --- weighing in at around 300k LOC --- this function is just par for the course.

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