One of the countless things that the Internet has introduced is the rampant abuse of the exclamation point. Before blogs, IMs, and message boards, the "."-to-"!" ratio was something like 100-to-1. Now that we're in the "OMG!!!!LOL!!!!!!"-days, it's hard enough to find a sentence with a single punctuation mark, let alone a period.

Thankfully, there's some sanity left. Some people are so fed up with this overuse that they refuse to use the exclamation point anywhere. For anything. Even when writing code. Sure, it may make their code a bit strange, but every little bit counts ...

 * @return  true | false
 * @param $val bool The bool to invert
 * @desc Returns the
function invert_bool($val){
  if($val == true)
    return false;
  if($val == false)
    return true;
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