"It's nice to know I can get a good deal on a 16 pound baby on the internet rather than having to resort to the old-fashioned way of getting one," writes Mike Sargent.


Erik Trent wrote, "Apparently, I can only post once every thirty seconds, or 7 3/4 hours, or something like that."


Sakari tried to buy a Raspberry Pi Camera Board, but the site's shopping cart couldn't figure out how much the list price was.


"Last night I was watching the news channel when something caught my attention, alerting me to some bad news: Windows broke!" reported Paolo.


Mark W. wonders, "Dell's Download Manager appears to be confused...or does this mean I'm uploading data?"


"A favorite store of mine nearby boasts food that's been produced locally, but they sure charge a pretty penny for the privilege," wrote Gearov.


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